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I’m a quiet person. I spend time observing, not speaking.
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My Instagram: aladziadzio 🌸🌿🔅👽

Summer Life
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The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.
Carl Sandburg (via theopenskies)
just-ask-teemo whispers: "Diana, I know we don't talk much but I'd like to change that if possible. Here, I've brought you some presents." The Scout spoke with a soft smile and a gentle tone.





Diana was still for awhile, golden orbs staring him down, judging him silently.

"I do not require any ‘presents’ you speak of. That is not how you earn my friendship.."


Teemo frowned at her reaction. “It is only a kind gesture, Diana. I’m not planning on bribing you for friendship or anything of the sort. Could that really be called friendship then?” he proposed. The Scout still held his basket on one hand. It was starting to get heavy.

"Hn no, good then."
She glanced at the basket then back to his eyes. “Well, what do you have?” Diana bit at her lip feeling her anxiety peak, she’d never been good with this type of socializing, and it’s why she came off being so algid.


Teemo’s face perked up as Diana’s demeanor softened, though not by much. “Well, I saw you eating a lot of fruit and some fish back in the Mess Hall of the Institute, so I thought getting you some would be nice. Plus, it has a moon theme~!" he said as he opened the basket and held it outwards. Inside were a bunch of Star Fruit, bundled atop a presentation of star anise, moon pies and several smoked crescent-shaped moon fish filet. "I do hope you enjoy them. Bon apetit!" The Scout said, a wide grin plastered on his features.

She gazed upon the delicacies presented to her by the Scout.

"No way.. you did this all for me..?" Diana was salivating at the very aroma it emitted. He had paid close attention to all the foods she fancied, which put her in awe.

Diana’s stomach growled in approbation and her cold demeanor melted quickly.

"Please dine with me, then? I can’t eat all of this alone!"




She let out a soft giggle between kisses as her clawed hand traced down his chest.

Mmm, Draven..” She whispered.

Diana rested neatly within his grip, looking up at him as she nipped at his lips. The Lunari was genuinely enjoying this moment with the Soul Reaver and as long as he kept welcoming her like this, she would not hesitate for more.


Glowing eyes would hold her gaze, and the lips she nipped at pulled into a smirk. His cold fingers combed through her long white hair, a habit he had when being any form of intimate with another person. 

Gods did he love the way she spoke his name.

"Yeah, Diana?" he whispered back cheekily, always fetching for attention. 

Diana hid her face away in his neck, taking in his scent before speaking.

"Mmm, That was good." She whispered through soft kisses being planted on the Soul Reaver’s neck. She’d never get enough of Draven, and the more she received the more she desired from him.


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